Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Equip Yourself with Emergency Kits

When everyday headlines scream of disasters and impending dooms, ignoring them without giving a thought to personal safety can be fatal. Preparing for them is inevitable and extremely sensible. It can never hurt to be ready for an adverse situation and that’s why survival equipment and emergency kits are the most important accessory of today’s time. Not only will they protect you, but will also provide for your loved ones in the time of great need. 

The best thing about emergency kits is that they prevent panic and help you face the ill-timed challenge better. When it comes to your loved ones, thinking clearly becomes easy. It immediately focuses on the task at hand, for example, survival in the case of emergency. Latest events all over the world have brought this emerging need to the fore and it demands to be addressed intelligently. The plight of those involved in tragedies is a stark reminder of how being equipped with a personalized emergency kit can make that absolutely necessary difference between the ability to lend a helping hand as opposed to utter helplessness.

Choose an emergency kit appropriate to your geographical location and the survival needs of your family. The best thing is that these kits can be personalized. Though these kits need to be kept away from children, having an emergency kit stashed away to be grabbed at the opportune moment by any family member is a smart solution to any calamity that might fall upon you. The best emergency kits contain food, water, first aid supplies, basic shelter to protect against weather, and other tools to keep you safe in case of emergency. 

These kits come in various combinations to address different needs like:
Ø  Home Emergency Kits
Ø  Office Emergency Kits
Ø  School Emergency Kits
Ø  Vehicle Emergency Kits
Ø  Search and Rescue Kits
Ø  Basic Emergency Kit

Various other products for individual’s requirement in family like specialized medication can also be added to your survival equipment to know more just visit dansdepot.com. However, it is really important that items in the emergency kit be regularly checked and changed in case of expiry. Family members can practice a mock emergency drill on a regular basis so that each member is updated regarding the contents of the kit and their appropriate usage. This way each member will know his/her role and judicious action might help in saving from preventable mishaps.

So, in the face of a dire catastrophe what’s better than to equip your family with knowledge and disaster gear from this life-saving emergency kit to be able to help themselves and others with confidence!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Keeping Safe with Essential Survival Gear

An emergency can occur at any time. They aren't always considered when we make plans for things. And they can happen in good times and in bad. Disaster gear packed in advance can safe our lives in the most desperate situations. Emergencies are sometimes expected in dangerous weather areas or places prone to natural disasters. Certain parts of the world are known for tornadoes, hurricanes or typhoons. Emergencies however aren't just weather related. Fire can happen anytime and almost anywhere. Snow storms can come up out of the blue, flash floods are never expected, and some cities experience power outages at random times.

One of the most important pieces of gear is a map. We should have a map of the campground we're going to be staying in, of the mountains we intend to hike in, of the caves we're going diving in. A compass helps with map reading, as does a GPS receiver. Second to a map, we should have a flashlight. Darkness is a danger not because of the boogey man but because we might stumble and fall and injure ourselves. Emergency food rations should also go into the pack we keep our survival gear in.

First aid kits are important to include, especially ones that are compact but serve many purposes for survival needs. Bandages, antiseptic salves and creams, and ways of treating burns, cuts and allergic reactions could be crucial at certain moments. A multi purpose tool is a good thing to have in our survival gear, as it might help us pry open food containers, build a shelter or an all important fire. The material to start a fire is also essential in survival gear. This could include waterproof matches, a lighter or a rod that one can purchase cheaply that can be scraped to shoot sparks onto a pile of dry grass or bark.

Normally people aren't planning on staying lost forever. It's better to be safe than sorry when packing an emergency kit of disaster gear. Be sure to add some way to make water safe to drink. There are disinfection kits available but there are other methods to use too, like solar methods that turn water into condensation that can be collected safely for drinking and cooking. A whistle is another important piece of the kit. Being able to make noise without much effort, and a noise that will be heard for a long distance, could be critical to being rescued.

Regardless of whatever else goes into an emergency kit, the most important piece of survival equipment we can bring is ourselves. Our will to live, and to survive, is the most important tool we have at hand in cases of emergency. We have to remember that rescue could be just around the corner and that we must not give up five minutes before the miracle. All of the above items are valuable but our will is the most valuable of all.
Emergency situations can happen anywhere, at any time. Having survival gear at all times keeps people safe.